Keeping mind and body healthy isn’t always easy, especially when life sends a new challenge your way. We offer a free Life Assistance Program and Healthy Rewards.

How does it work?

You can get support with life’s challenges, big or small, from the Life Assistance Program, and support to look after your health with Healthy Rewards.

Life Assistance Program (LAP)

The Life Assistance Program (LAP) helps you and your loved ones find a solution and restore your peace of mind whatever challenge you’re facing — big or small.

Available 24/7:

  • Advocates who can assess your needs and develop a solution to help resolve your concerns. They can also direct you to an array of resources in your community and online tools.
  • Three face-to-face assistance sessions for you and members of your household.
  • 30-minute free legal consultation and up to a 25% discount on select fees.
  • Guidance and referral services on child development, sibling rivalry, sepration anxiety, care for aging loved ones, childcare, pet care and more.

Use of the LAP is completely confidential. Spitzer Industries is not given personal information about who has used the service without written consent, except where required by law.

Healthy Rewards

The Healthy Rewards program offers discounts on a wide variety of health programs and services including:

  • Weight management and nutrition.
  • Vision and hearing care.
  • Tobacco cessation.
  • Alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage therapy.
  • Fitness club memberships, vitamins and wellness products.

How much will these services cost me?

These services are free to use.

How do I access these services?

Life Assistance Program

Visit guidanceresources.com and use Web ID: NYLGBS or call 800.344.9752.

Healthy Rewards

Visit cigna.com/rewards (password: savings) to print out a wallet card that you and your covered family members can present to any Healthy Rewards provider to receive your discount.

Call 800.258.3312.

Mental health and substance abuse issues

If you need support with mental health or substance abuse issues, you must access the Cigna Behavioral Health network of providers. Visit my.cigna.com to search for a video telehealth specialist, then call the phone number provided to make an appointment with your selected provider.