A Solid Foundation

In 1981, Barry Spitzer & Associates was founded under the principles of providing excellent service and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client. That same focus is still our driving force today. Our firm’s success is a result of a continued commitment to staying informed in a perpetually changing global business environment and keeping in step with our clients’ needs. Throughout our years of experience, we have learned that employing a team approach is the most practical solution to solidifying this commitment. The vast experience of our personnel, as well as, other professionals we have formed alliances with over the years, gives us a distinctive advantage in serving our clients.

Constant Improvement

Continuing education and industry involvement allow us to suggest new alternatives and opportunities to our clientele. Seminars and individual meetings allow us to answer questions and concerns that may not be addressed with a brochure or pamphlet. We also remain proactive with our advice, so that the direction we recommend keeps our clients ahead of the curve. Additionally, the technological capabilities we utilize match our client-centric approach.

Understanding is the Key

At Barry Spitzer & Associates, we believe that real value comes from understanding our clients, their businesses, and their goals. By remaining a leader in the field of corporate and personal financial services, we can assist most in reaching their objectives.

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